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Nov 3, 2010
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Nice series! I like the zebra shot the best for composition.

For your rhino shot, did you get any horizontal pictures, showing his entire body?
very nice set! Love the rhino!

@Black sheep: I think I did but for some reason I didn't think they were as good when I was sorting through them.

I'll Post some more soon.
It may be a slight halo as I darkened the BG slightly but it looks kinda weird on the original aswell.
Wonderful photos. They leave me with such a sense of longing to go. Can't wait for the kids to be old enough to make the trip. Thanks for posting these.
ha I really like the Secretary bird (#8), love the head feathers!

And the elephant shot is gorgeous. That must have been a fantastic trip :)
Just a great series. Sure looks like you had a super trip. I'm lucky if I can find the time to get to one of the beaches around here. Personal favorites are #4 the zebra shot, and #12 the Hyena shot. Both are just super compositions, and perfectly exposed viewed on my screen.
Wonderful series of shots - really great to see them and looks like you had a fantastic trip to see so much.

Also a question - on the lions - are those adolescent cats or what because they appear to have what I'd consider jaguar markings on them - halfbreeds? I know that cubs have different markings to the adults though I can't recall ever seeing such a strong marking on a larger, more adult lion before.
Thanks people, I had a great trip and saw so much in two weeks.

@Blacksheep: Secretary birds are one of my favorite birds. We only saw them far away and then on the last day we got a pair so close to the van I had to zoom out to fit them in the frame!

Overread: yes they are juvenile lions, the one looking towards the camera was actually stuck on the branch and stayed there for quite a while looking sorry for himself before we all had a good laugh watching it try to reverse down the trunk!

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