Kid On A Stump


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Dec 13, 2012
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Any C&C (apart from some distracting sky background) ? Thanks!

$Andrei Na Pne1.jpg
As you mentioned-- sky. But what is distracting me is what he is holding. I keep trying to figure out what it is and therefor its distracting.

Also, I don't like to look at the bottom of a shoe.

As for the good, I think your light and exposure are good. Kid is cute so that always helps. If I were the mom of this kid though, that shot wouldn't go in a frame or even be purchased.
The light area in the trees behind the boy is very diostracting. I would clone that out. The boy looks low in contrast--it needs more snap, so I would goose the contrast a bit.
Thanks guys, your feedback is really appreciated :thumbup:
wyogirl - he holds a Puffle. It is a creature from ClubPenguin ;)
lol! I thought it was one of those bath pouf things... shows what I know. But also shows that a more recognizable prop is sometimes a good thing. Although if that toy is a favorite, then it will be a treasured shot for mom.

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