Kids at the Playground


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Oct 31, 2007
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Cedar Hill, Texas
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2012030608 by J E, on Flickr

Looks like I agitated a little too much (light at the top & bottom), but other than that, I like this one.
What I like about this: good contrast (!), tack sharp.

What I dislike about this: background a bit distracting, faces pointing away from the camera. I think it would have more emotion if we could see their faces.

Nice image.
I agree about the faces! Otherwise.. nice image!
Thanks. I have a few (a ton, actually) from the front, but I guess since I just have so many nearly identical pictures to that - I liked that this was different.

This playground is pretty small (it's inside our apartment complex), so the background pretty much always sucks. There's a bigger/better playground down the street - need to get to that one It's supposed to rain for the rest of the week though, so it won't be till next week.
Nice image, I do wish the bokeh was better, very distracting.
Back view is OK, if you can include the feel.... You could because her body language says how careful and gentle she is swinging her little brother...I am worried about not including the girl completely within the frame and would love to drive away background into blurred nothings
Regards :D
That little hobby horse, or whatever they call those things, right in between the two kids is killin' me.
it is very good for children that they play physically and this is very good impact on the health of children and computer game impact is very bad on the health of computer so involves the children in games

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