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Mar 10, 2009
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So im getting back into photography after a little while and have decided that digital is the way to go. After looking around for a while I have narrowed my choice down to either the D60 or the Rebel XSI Im starting to lean towards the XSI but the price has been a problem..until now! I found this online: Canon EOS450DXSiBLKKIT12 EOS 450D Digital Rebel XSi Package 12 - (18-55mm + 90-300mm 4GB Pro Flash much more)(Black)
and it really does sound tempting, almost too good to be true. My question is does anyone have some experience with this site and does everything seem to be legit? I know the lenses are vivitar but beyond that I dont know much about the kit, but am not expecting all top of the line brand names, which I am ok with as I am still wet behind the ears. Any help/advice (especially comments on quality of vivitar lenses) would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! happy shooting!
Don't waste your time with these guys. They'll scam you every time.

And besides, you can get an XSi kit with Canon lenses for only a little more at B&H, and they won't charge you for the battery, charger, manual and all the other stuff that comes with the camera to begin with.
I love reading the reseller ratings site for bad retailer. It is like a seeing a train wreck, you want to look away but cant.

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