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Knoxville, TN


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Nov 28, 2018
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  • worlds fair dome sig.jpg
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  • y courthouse sig.jpg
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  • WF pavillion sig.jpg
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  • TN sign sig.jpg
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They were uploaded from my computer and the process was a mess. However they display just fine on my iPhone.

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cool shots, but they don't show up in the thread, not even thumbnails. you have to click on each of the links to view.
Pavilion is a stand out image for me, excellently composed.
Nice set, brings back memories. We were there in May of 1982 shortly after it opened. I remember it as being okay, though maybe not the event I was expecting. Despite all the times we've been through Knoxville in the years since, we've never gone back. I know there's been several changes in the area, might be interesting to drift by the next time we're passing thru.
I live in Knoxville and I love visiting the World's Fair park.

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