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Jun 30, 2003
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hi people, I would like some advice on how to correct this mistake of mine. I shot a couple of subjects inside a brightly lit shopping centre using kodak elitechrome 100. I made use of a flash and on top of it I lowered the speed to 1/60 instead of the synchro speed of my camera. However, only my subject is seen in the photos while the background is in total darkness. Can you please tell me why.

I'm new with slide film, please pardon my stupidity if you guys find the qn dumb.

tank u
Probably light falloff from your flash. If you were near the center of the floor away from the stores, your flash and camera are going to read the subject distance for proper exposure and then the light shuts down quickly. The combination of film speed and aperature is also involved. If you wanted the lights on the storefronts properly exposed it would have required a slower shutter speed and a tripod because of the low speed of your film.
...dlc more or less covers it

However, in this particular example (as you've outlined) the problem may well have been too small an aperture setting -- given that your shutter speed was relatively slow so as to capture the ambient light of this "brightly lit" location

Your question is not dumb: shooting slide film (transparency or chrome) is an exacting exercise in exposure technique and one needs to nail it *exactly*. You might have been out by only -1 stop (your aperture?) yet this was enough to lose detail in the background

While learning to shoot this film, i would suggest you keep a record of exposures/settings and then study the results after development

Persevere, you'll get it!



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