Kodak P850

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by wolfepakt, Dec 17, 2005.

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    Since I just got one of these I was wondering if anybody else has an opinion or experience with one.
    I have only had it for 1.5 days so I haven't taken many shots with it, but I will start posting soon! (In those 1.5 days I have worked for 9 hrs, and slept for 9 hrs, and then there was family time, and drive time and such.....)

    I got a good deal on it and anything is a step up from the camera I had before. (Oregen Scientific DShot III I got on clearance for 30 smackers) Kinda like comparing a Mustang to a Pinto! (Not quite a Vette...DSLR..... but It it still kicks tail to what I had!!!!!) PS Good deal equals 360 bucks.

    WolfePak ... thesupportforum.com regular and soon to be here too I think!


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