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Kuregem in kolor


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Nov 20, 2005
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Belgium / Brussels
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Hi everyone!

Last months I've been taking some photos in Kuregem, a small neighbourhood in Anderlecht.
Part of the Brussels region (Belgium).
It's near the Midi railway station. As I work at the other side, it's a small walk for me before heading to work or after work before catching the train back home.

I bought a second hand Agfa Selectronic S with Solinar lens (70's from Munich, Germany).
Films I used were Kodak Ektar 100 and Kodak Pro Image 100.

However, the light meter works perfect with 1,35 volt batteries, and I only have 1,5 volts, so the exposure wasn't right, changed to 2 stops overexposure, but it's still not decent quality.
I used a cheap Rollei DF-S 190 SE scanner (which give good results scanning normal exposed photos). Tried to pimp the saturations and contrasts with Gimp open source editor...

Feedback is always welcome, certainly for composition, better image quality, other settings…
Anyway, here are some of the results:

【c l e m e n c e a u 】
by Bulevardi, on Flickr

At the Clemenceau metro station.

【h o l y h o o p】
by Bulevardi, on Flickr

A nice basket court.

【f a ç a d e】
by Bulevardi, on Flickr

Art Nouveau, an architectural style you find everywhere in Brussels.

【k u r e g e m i n k o l o r】
by Bulevardi, on Flickr

Sad enough, after ages of civilisation, still homeless people in the wealthiest parts of the world…

【r e a d y ?】
by Bulevardi, on Flickr
The Box Club. Had to walk there on several time slots to get a ‘safe’ moment to shoot. A lot of drug dealers and other less legal activities going on in these streets. Around 7 AM, they’re still in their bed, good idea for a morning walk.

【g u s t i e c o l o r i 】
by Bulevardi, on Flickr

Corner buildings, one of my guilty pleasures.

【s t a t i o n s e r v i c e 】
by Bulevardi, on Flickr

Certainly if these are service stations.

【c o r n e r】
by Bulevardi, on Flickr

Even better when built in a style Mario Bacciocchi would do, but then less glamour.

【t e r r a s j e s w e e r】
by Bulevardi, on Flickr

Sorry, our terrace is closed now for a coffee break.

【c i t y h a l l】
by Bulevardi, on Flickr

The City Hall, neo-renaissance.

【a b a t t o I r】
by Bulevardi, on Flickr

The slaughterhouse on the right, you can spot the bull on the entrance?
A good ‘meating’ point when waiting for your girl on a first date? Let’s hope she’s not vegan.

【k u r e g e m i n k o l o r 】
by Bulevardi, on Flickr

Night lit atmospheres, the midi tower on the background, trams passing by…
Muslim families with playing children on the square at the fountains, on warm indian summer evenings…

【t h r e e s o m e 】
by Bulevardi, on Flickr

Threesome!! I love this ‘hood.
There are a few other cool basket courts around, I shot them with a digital camera, don’t know if it’s allowed to post digitals here, together in a thread of film photos … Anyway, you can spot them here:
#kuregeminkolor hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

Hope you enjoyed!

Cheers :)

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