L I G H T N I N G C R A S H E S !


I want MORE!!
May 19, 2005
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Manitoba, Canada
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Wish it was sharper...no tripod for this shot :( but I'm still happy! :D it's my very first successful lightning shot :biggrin:

1/25 s

What a storm!
Cannot look at lightning pics for very long, so while typing this I must look at the letters I type and I must type them really fast, so the lightning will soon disappear from my sight, but I think you did really well with this one here!
(Reason for why I cannot look at lightning photos is that when I get migraines, the aura beforehand produces these sorts of visual impressions in front of my eyes, i.e. "lightning", and the mere thought of it makes me feel sick to the stomach already and a slight pain enter my head... so sorry, for these photos are so full of impact!)
WOW, thats great work, ive spent 2 storms trying to get a shot like this, but still havent achieved one yet :thumbup:
fantastic capture! ive never attempted lighting but i can imagen it being extraordinarily hard! very impressed
nice capture Jon! This is on my list of hopefuls too, but lightning is pretty elusive around here... unless we have a pretty active monsoon season, then we get a few weeks of storms in the late summer... here's hoping!
Awesome shot! I was at the train this pm waiting for her to come in...a thunderstorm moved through....I was wishing I had the camera...some very intense bolts out over the water...and no camera...she has been telling me to take it at night.
thanks for all the great comments...no worries with this storm...that was probably a good 5 - 10 kms from where I was standing...it was encompassing a huge expanse but the lightning was concentrated over a 'mountain' park way far away.
great first attempt jon! i love the rich blue
cool capture :)

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