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Aug 9, 2018
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Built by Harmonist community in the early 1800's as a place for mediation.


The description of the project and an Areal view

Labyrinth marker.jpg labryrinth2.jpg
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One day they will invent a Spellcheck that can read my mind. If I knew how to spell it I would not need Spellcheck. :) :)

It is mediation as you walked through the maze.
I like your processing here; lots of texture in this old structure. Nice work.

Nice, but is it mediation or meditation?

From the marker photo, it is clear the place was intended to be used for meditation, and the labyrinth itself was meant to symbolize life's difficulties, twists and turns, while en route to a place of peace.

Me likey. I would sit and meditate in there. :thumbyo:
I thought it might have been mediation.

Two people in dispute. First one to the center wins.

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