Ladybug Taking Flight (C&C)


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Mar 12, 2012
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So today I went out to take some more pictures and I got this really nice picture of a ladybug spreading its wings (probably not good in the eyes of a pro...oh well lol).
Just looking for some general C&C (also some ways to crop it maybe?). Thanks.

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Personally I think your lacking saturation. You could square crop the bug and it would look a lot better, not as busy.
The focus looks slightly off on it, and you could definitely crop it tighter around the bug.
Not too sure about increasing the saturation. The Lady Bug looks correctly exposed, and the Crocuses have nice color variation due to the sun and shade. What the picture needs is a major crop. Again, as in several of your earlier macro pictures, the subject is just too small, thus leaving way too much background to fill the frame.

Cropping should just be for a final adjustment, not a major correction. You need to enlarge your subject in your compositions.

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