@ Lake Havasu now, Grand Teton this summer..


Been spending a lot of time on here!
May 9, 2012
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Anywhere we want! Just us And the RV
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Hi again,
So excited to be going g back to Grand Teton National Park again this summer. Volunteering from May 1 to Oct 10 or so.
If you coming through let me know!
Happy to assist and can lend you a cooler or such. :)

In Parker Az now til mid March if anyone would like to hook up! Am trying to find the comet here in our dark skies!!
Nan y
Nancy, do you do the volunteer work program at campsites for free sites? A fellow who retired from my work and his wife does it. They travel all over the US doing it.
Yes! We are in employee campground with the Law Enforcement, EMT, maintenance workers, NPS Rangers, and NPS workers.. etc. Love it, love it.
Some people think, why don't you just pay for a site and not work??
Rv spots are + $100 night !AND 2 week maximum reservation!!

We came here in 2019 after our son died in 2017. We were really struggling both personally and as a couple. It was just hell..
I saw the Tetons and knew it was where I needed to be.
We got jobs in Park at first, then slid our way into the volunteer program....Guess what we do?

We are going into 2nd year with the Wildlife Brigade. We manage Bear jams!! What did I know @ bears before this?? RUN!

Kidding...we ask people to stay back, move car out of the roadway, answer questions, or such whenever a bear is in viewing distance. We respond to any animal jam, but Grizzly Bear sightings take priority. Yes, people get really close to the animals!!

We also drive through campgrounds to make sure NO food is left out!!

2 days I open our Bear Trailer That is stored at a popular overlook.. it has a life size mounted grizzly and black bear. Also, antlers, skulls, bear skins, etc. Wow, is that a crowd gatherer...
I talk @ bears mostly but people ask all kinds of questions and where can I see moose, wolves, elk etc.
Sorry to ramble, so yes, I love it.
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