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Feb 18, 2007
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South Carolina Boondocks
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Lake Jocassee in South Carolina
I have taken an almost identical shot to this one among many others, I just couldnt' get it to work however, I dont' think this works either.

The only shot I got to work was closer to the lake and plenty of colour.
This was shot from an overlook w/ a Canon FTb with an FD 50mm lens set to hyperfocal distance. Shot on Fuji Superia 400 speed film.

I know that I sliced the image right through the middle with the horizon line.:(

The haze is a constant there due to the air pollution.:( So it plays havoc with the colors. I shot this around May of this year. I should have waited till Fall when there was a lot more color.

This is as close as I could get, and still have the lake be seen from above, instead of the standard across the lake shot from the shore we've all seen a gillion times.
None of this shot looks sharp to me. I don't know if the shot has suffered from camera shake, or if it was windy and you were using a slow shutter speed.

The sky is washed out and has no detail so doesn't add anything to the image.

I think you have a tough job shooting that far from the lake with that haze over it. I can only suggest that you try re-shooting at a different time of day, when the light is much softer, or during sunset / sunrise when you could get some really interesting colours through the haze.

Use a tripod and cable release / timer to avoid camera shake, and if is windy ensure you shutter speed is fast enough to avoid blurred trees.

Keep shooting!

I shot the photo at 17:21 on a cloudy October day at a shutter speed of 1/60, and an f/stop of 16. I used the self-timer, and had the camera on a tripod to minimize camera shake.

I've been back to that same overlook many times, at different times of the day, and it's the same haze wise.

I guess I'll never get this shot to be the way I envisioned it to be.

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