Late Snow

Joel Bolden

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Sep 2, 2020
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Stormstown, Pennsylvania
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Earlier this year I was hiking along Black Moshannon Lake which is located in the Black Moshannon State Park
on the Allegheny Front at around 2150 ft. We had had a virtually snowless winter so the sudden mountain squalls caught me by surprise. I was carrying my old Pentax X-70 "super z00m" hoping to catch the beginning of the Snow Goose migration. Saw some, but they were too far out on the lake for the lens. There were a lot of Canadian Geese and a couple of Wood Ducks close to the walk way, and I snapped this pic of them hunkering down in the snow and wind. I'd just bought the camera and was kind of pleased what an old 12mpix digital could do.
Neat scene.
Ha, I'm sure we'll be getting hit with this weather soon. That said, the last few winters here have been pretty mild.

Just watch the level tho. This one is sloping down to the left.

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