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~ MAC ON THE MORN ~ (Warning Graphic )


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Nov 1, 2018
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New England
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Aye Mates,
Me gunning partner John and meself decided we would conduct a short walk-in hunt this morning, no decoy rig was set, we would instead pass shoot for any birds within range o' our smoothbores.

The waters we were gunning o'er is utilized by mallards, wood ducks, black ducks, teal, occasional divers such as hooded mergansers and ring-necked ducks, and Canada Geese. A relatively small body o' water, flight activity can be strong for a short period o' time after legal shooting hours start in the morning but will end quickly after the ring o' shots spook birds into the air and to yonder waters. Such was the case this morn when a brace o Honkers dropped in and were quickly hit with #4's, still one managed to escape under a nearby dock and we were unfortunately unable to find it despite working me retrievers MAC and TRAD hard o'er the area.

Whilst we searched immediately for the unrecovered downed Honker, we clearly knew that our disturbance to the area would likely put an end to our chances to take any ducks for the remainder o' the morning. One hen wood duck did make the mistake o' skirting the reach o' John's gun and he dropped her o'er land and into a stand o' hardwoods on the opposite side o' a small cove.

Meself and MAC had not seen the shot, nor the fall o' the hen woody, but John told me he had dropped it close to a red swamp maple on a spit o' land across from where we were located. I handled MAC across the water and up onto land with a right o'er cast until I had him lined up to the blushing red maple. A single, quick blast o' me whistle had MAC sit-stop facing me and I gave him a back cast coupled with a verbal command "BACK" sent in his direction. MAC quickly complied but I lost visual contact with him as he disappeared into the understory cover o' the hardwood stand. I did see his nose raised high as he headed away from me and said to John. "I think he just caught scent from that bird". T'was no more than 15 seconds later that MAC emerged from the dense cover whilst gently carrying the hen woody in his mouth. John said, "now that was a great retrieve"! I had to agree and surely all o' the many hours I spend training with me dogs during the "off-season" pay dividends in the team we have become and in being able to retrieve birds that might very well be lost otherwise. The outstanding retrieve made by MAC this morn highlights the invaluable role that a properly trained retriever plays in the recovery o' precious waterfowl resources that would likely not otherwise be located.


~ MAC On The Morn ~ Me gun dog MAC is seen making his way to a hen wood duck belly up on the water.


~ Good Dawg ~ The pick-up made, MAC makes his way back through the emergent aquatic vegetation o' the beaver pond we hunted this morn.


~ A Mouthful O' Joy ~ Much like his sire TRAD, young MAC is highly bird driven and truly lives for the hunt. If MAC'S mouth wasn't obscured by the hen woody he is seen making retrieve on here, ye might very well swear he was grinning from ear to ear. The lad loves the job he was selectively bred for.


~ SHR LAKE CHAFFEE'S AUTUMN LEGACY O' TRAD FINIAN MAC SH ~ So, gun dog MAC"S first retrieve o' this year's waterfowl season was quite impressive and hopefully is an omen for many more memorable moments o' hunts yet to come. MAC made a classic delivery o' this bird to hand as he was trained to do. Currently just o'er 2.5 years old, MAC has distinguished himself in both HRC and AKC hunt test events in which he has been entered, and he excels afield as an outstanding gun dog. We look forward to watching MAC's continuing development as a talented Labrador Retriever gun dog.

MAC is trained and owned by yours truly and it has been a true honor to have been blessed in working with this young Labrador that is so full o' bird drive and heart. MAC always delivers 110%.

Great to see the working dogs in action.

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