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Mar 26, 2009
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Abiquiu-New Mexico
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With over 325 of these here..not hard to take some good ones:

That's a nice sunset. All that black foreground doesn't seem to really add to the image. Were you to crop most of the foreground away and make it more of a panoramic, it would really open the image up and increase the drama and scope.
Heya, NewMexicoOutdoor, welcome to ThePhotoForum :D !!!

Sunsets ... always again nice, as - even with 325 to be seen during the year where you are - none of them are ever the very same as the ones before!

Here I feel you divided your photo into two equal halves, which in itself makes images of all kinds a little "blah" to look at, you want a division in thirds, our eyes and aesthetic feelings simply prefer that, so I'd also go with what KmH says: crop some of that all black at the bottom, shift the horizon to the lower third, and you're there. A bit of unsharpening mask (USM) - which will SHARPEN your photo some - might come in handy here, too.

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