LCD and Viewfinder Displaying Different Exposure Settings


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Jul 6, 2003
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Just wondering if anyone has had experience with the LCD and viewfinder
showing differnt exposure settings. I was shooting with my EOS10 last week, taking my first role of infrared film (post some pics soon), and as such i was writing down pretty much everything. I shot the roll at ISO400 in aperture prioity (f/11) with Hoya 25A filter but i noticed that the shutter speed reading on the LCD said one thing but when i looked through the viewfinder it said another (ie. 1/60 LCD and 1/30 viewfinder - it was mostly 1 stop outbut sometimes it was 2 or even 3 stops out). I also noticed that at times my EOS 300 did it (although much less frequent).

I was just wondering if anyone could advise me as to which should be the
correct reading (what the film actucally was exposed at). I am interested to know so i can work out the best way to TTL with the infrared film (ie. is my meter reading 1 stop under or 1.5 under etc.)

Any advice would be much appreciated
i shoot hie at ei 200 ttl with a 25 red filter.

be sure that both of your meters are in the same mode, same light, and pointed at the same subject. meters vary.....

spot meters will first vary on diameter of reading (expressed in mm). they will then vary slightly in true readings (but even a full stop is very rare)

same as above for center weighted meters.

for general ttl meters, they typically all vary. matrix metering isn't universal; every manufacturer has a version of matrix.

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