Leave Lens on the Camera?


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Dec 19, 2007
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Hey, I was wondering..

Let's say I only have one lens, and really no use of changing it for the moment, do I just leave it on the camera all the time, even in transport? or is it safer to remove it and store it if I put my camera in a bag?
I would imagine it would be safer to keep it on the lens to keep dirt/dust from getting inside the body
There have been too many times where I've missed a shot because I had to put a lens on. So now I always leave some sort of lens on.
if your packing it when you travel i would say put the body cap on and take the lens off... its smaller that way and maybe less chance, but otherwise leave it on, you'll miss a shot and also you'll get more dust on the sensor every time you take it off\put it on.
Yeah but I'm just talking like when i'm not using it and it's in it's bag or just moving out to my friend's house
i have several lenses, and one is always on the camera.
leave it on, your going to hurt the camera more by taking it on and off so much with the dust in the air.
For what you're talking about...just leave it on.
The only time I take a lens off, is if another lens needs to be used.
My camera's body cap is in the original box thst it came in.

Translate: I always have a lens on.
Well thanks alot, that answers my question.

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