Leaving camera in the car trunk?


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Jul 16, 2007
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Is this safe for a few hours? We're going to the movies today and on the way down I want to shoot some photos. Will my XTi be okay in the trunk for a few hours? It's only in the 70's here today.

I think this is the biggest drawback to taking my camera with me everywhere.
Thanks.... I don't think it will hurt then.
Should be just fine. Keep in mind that it can withstand more severe conditions than you can, in most cases. The biggest issue would be trying to store it in one extreme of temp/humidity then immediately going to the other extreme and trying to use it without an acclimation period.

The two biggest concerns you should have would be the battery and condensation, and in a trunk for few hours on a mild day shouldn't create a problem with either.

Well, that, and theft, of course.

Just keep it in an appropriate bag and enjoy the movie.
My concern would be theft. If it were me I would never leave my gear in the trunk of my car especially in the parking lot of a movie theatre.
I leave lenses worth more than 2000 USD
in my tent in the wilderness, but I would never leave any piece of camera gear in the boot of my car in a city.
DON"T DO IT!!!! Especially in extreme heat. Car trunks can reach well over the rated specs for the battery, CF card and electronics in the camera. Usually around 115 F. With the plasticy body of the XT I would not be surprised by warpage. I fried the LCD on my 20D before I knew any better in Orlando, and it was in the trunk for like 40 minutes as I grabbed a bite to eat.
If you are going to leave it in your trunk, get a cooler that has a latch. I dont think most crooks are going to steal your lunch. :)

I hate the idea of leaving my camera in my car, for the very reason of theft.

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