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Jan 18, 2016
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Hi all, was wondering if anyone knows how i can take a picture of my corals in my marine fish tank under LED lighting as it currently only shows up a complete blue blur. I have a Nikon D3200 and am a complete novice so i need complete chimp instructions please!!!!
Can you post a problem picture along with the settings used when taking it?
Can you post a problem picture along with the settings used when taking it?
Ok i'm on it, my husband just taking a new pic now to post
There was another post on this, might try a search for "coral reef photography." What I found is that a lot of people use the Metal Halide lights for their photography sessions of coral reef aquariums as the LED have a Kelvin temperature that is higher (very blue) than most cameras can be set to. I think your camera can be set at or close to 10,000 Kelvin while the LED could easily be 15,000 Kelvin. The other part is that many people also shoot in RAW format and then in a post processing program like Photoshop, LightRoom, etc you can then further adjust the White Balance Temperature to get the color as you see it. I would also recommend a tripod.
Put some white light or use a flash. And if its blurry my guess is your ahutter speed is slow. Use auto mode and rhe flash, angle the flash so it doesnt reflect straight back. If your teying to take picture of a fish use a tripod and a trigger release as it can be quite tiresome waitin for a fish to pose.

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