Left my buddy and his wife home this time


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Feb 17, 2010
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After my little mishap with my buddy and his wife last week (see previous post http://www.thephotoforum.com/forum/...ts-last-time-i-take-my-buddy-his-wife-me.html ), I went back out to the same location for another shot. The only downside was I wouldn't be able to capture the rising moon. I'm still pleased with the results though! No PP on #1, just used a CPL. #2 I just got rid of a few lens flares.


My cousin that's interested in photography came out with me this time. We were also going to sight in his .17, and decided to try this:

And then just a fun picture of the drive we took to get out there :)


C&C appreciated on the first two :)
That top one is GORGEOUS! Love that golden lighting. Perfectly composed. That last one looks like a blast.
I wished it was as clear as the first time you went with the moon, but that's out of your control. However, it's encredible! Also, I enjoyed the Toby Keith capture of the truck runnign through the mud lol.
Really like the first two! Wonderful photos the golden light is really warming. Great shots.
You got a real winner there with #1. Outstanding job.

I looked that the first version, and the new one is worlds better. Its simply a stunning shot.
did use use a polarizer on 2nd shot? first 2 shots are amazing, especially ground/sky contrast in shot 1
So glad you left them at home! These turned out great, and that looks like a TON of fun! My favorite of the 2 is definitely #1.
Thank you so much everybody :D Encouragement always makes me want to keep going.

IMO, #1 is one of the best photos I've taken yet. I've had several "accident" photos that have come out very nice, but knowing that everything in this one was deliberate shows a great deal of improvement to me. It's always fun when you have milestones you can track your progress by.
Absolutely love the first one! If only I lived near a nice place like that..

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