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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Axel, Oct 12, 2004.

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    At what level would a Leica camera make a difference? I currently have a Nikon N50 with a Sigma 35-70 AF lens and am in the very beginning of my learning process.

    I also wonder if a photography class would actually help or if the best method is to just keep shooting pictures. It's costly to just keep shooting and not know what has been made wrong, but a class isn't cheap either... I'm talking about those intensive 9 week classes (a class a week, each 3 hours for example).

    Thank you

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    Spending the money on more film and processing (practice and experience) would make a much bigger difference in the quality of your photography. Leica makes beautiful cameras, but expensive does not equal good photography.

    Leica does make SLRs, but the Leica that most folks are talking about is a rangefinder, and that is a slightly different beast than a SLR.

    Considering the cost of Leica, you could probably go to medium format for the same sort of money, and there you would see a lot more difference in your images.

    I say keep shooting and take a class (as long as you've heard it's good). Both help. Mastery takes a lifetime.

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