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Lens advise please


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Aug 15, 2011
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I am selling all the lenses in my sig.....here is what im picking up in place of them

1. Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM FLD

2. Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM AF

3. Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM

Number 3 will be put on hold till the other to have been fully funded.....

Will I miss the 20mm gap between the first two...Im a all around photog....Indoor sports, wildlife, some street...etc
I know if I ever jump to full frame the 17-50 will have to go, but right now im happy with APS-C

Any experience with these three....looking for user feedback
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I have the 70-200mm Sigma 2.8 and I use it a lot and love it. I don't have the Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 but have the 17-50mm Tamron 2.8 and I have been very happy with is since I bought it. I would also keep the 50mm 1.8 and not sell that one.
I should have said I sold all the lenses......dont have them anymore, just left the sig up for some comparisons....sorry
Well, I wouldn't sell the 50/1.8G. If you do, I'd skip the 150-500, and pick up a 50/1.4 Sigma and a 1.4x 1.4-2x TC for your 70-200. Or a cheaper 300/4 + 1.4x TC. Either of those combinations would probably give you better IQ than the Sigma at 500, and better than F/6.3. The difference between 450mm with the 300/4+1.4x and 500mm is minuscule. So, I'd go with:

Sigma 17-50/2.8 OS
Sigma 50/1.4 (or simply keep the 50/1.8G <--if you decide to sell this, please let me know.)
Sigma 70-200/2.8 OS
Nikon 300/4 + 1.4x TC

Not sure how close this comes to your original price, but it shouldn't be too far off.

EDIT: Oh, darn. I didn't see you already sold your lenses. I'd definitely go with the 50/1.4 Sigma then.

Thanks.....didnt really think about the TC because I just hear about the distortion they cause.....If i get a quality one Im sure that wount be a big deal....will make my bag a heack of alot lighter as well....lol

You say I should keep the 50mm...can i ask why/

is it because of the Bokeh it will produce over what the 2.8 will do?
Yep, about 1 giant step in either direction.

Of course you could have determined that with the 18-105 zoom.

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