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Dec 12, 2007
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Before I purchase myself one of these nice Canon 400D's, I'd like to know if a lens that fits a Minolta X-370 35mm SLR camera will fit it. I know it's old but there are several lenses that are in the 'family' that I could borrow and use. I read somewhere that the 400D was made to work w/ 35mm Film Camera lenses but no specifics were given. It'd be awesome if I could use the lenses.
That's like trying to fit a ford engine in a chevy pickup. You can do it, but it's not really recommended and it's not thy you drive a chevy.

What i mean is that the old lenses will fit, but you need an adapter and it will completely defeat the porpoise of the AF body.
I really don't care about auto-focus. My Minolta doesn't even have an auto-focus feature and I like it that way.

Are there any detrimental effects caused by the use of this 'adapter'? I mean, in terms of image quality? If not, I'll buy the adapter if it's not REALLY expensive. Could you or someone else show me which adapter it is that I will need? I can't seem to find one.

I'll say it again, I've already got a bunch of lenses that I have access to. If it's possible, without causing detriment to the images, to use them, then I'd like to know how.

Thanks :)
Please, someone help me out here!
There will be a minor effect but it will probably not be overly noticeable. An element sits in the adapter that compensates for moving the lens further from the film plane.

I should also mention you should go grab a 400D in the shop and try to autofocus it. It's one thing to come from an old manual focus camera but quite another to pickup a 400D which like all modern DSLR cameras have these pathetically tiny and dark viewfinders and split prism or other means of identifying the exact focus point. You will very quickly get sick of how difficult it is to manually focus a lens on such a body unless you are willing to go out and buy an aftermarket focusing screen with a split prism in it.
The Minolta I have has a viewfinder that only has a small, circular center point that has a top and bottom half that aligns when properly focused. Is that what you mean by 'split screen'? I've messed around with a 400D and it didn't seem too bad, as far as I could tell. The most annoying thing though was how the focus ring was right on the 'tip' of the lens, very little surface area. But, that's why I'm trying to use some quality lenses that I already have access to.

How much would this aftermarket focusing screen cost? Could you show me a link or something like that?

Also, do you know what adapter I would need to buy to use such lenses that fit a Minolta X-370? I don't have any starting point nor do I know the standard for lens mounting.
Remember to also take a look at the Sony dSLR's, they use the Minolta lens mount, so you don't need any adaptors to use them.

You may have to double check whether your lenses are compatible with the current Minolta mount; I'm not sure how long Minolta has been using the current mount for.
There are two Minolta lens mounts: the old MD of the mechanical focus SR, X- etc cameras and the newer A mount of the Maxxums and Sony. You can't fit MD lenses on an A body without an adapter - which I think needs a lens element in it for the same reason as the Minolta-Canon adapter. Manual focus issues aside, I would avoid that type of adapter. They work like a low power teleconverters, and may not be of very high optical quality.



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