LENS for GYM (sports) in Low Light -- photo and video using them with EOS70D


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Aug 30, 2015
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Okay guys. We're a strength and conditioning facility with relatively low light.
I'm having the Canon EOS 70D and the Kit Lens.

Currently on our lower floor i get using manual 100speed a WHOOOPING 5000-8000ISO on the images.

Now the lightning can't be helped much. We do have additional ones for special cases but the day-to-day picturing does not use them.

Now we've decided to buy new lenses for this scenario.

My bet is on the Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8 DC HSM (Art) lenses.
Typically i ALWAYS SHOOT at 18mm on the kits. I can shoot at 20-30, but i prefer the 18 on the KITS. About 1-5 meters shooting, capturing the whole person is what i'm looking for.

WE WILL USE THEM FOR PICTURES AND VIDEO as well. Which bothers me because the Sigma does not have IS. We also have a frakin awesome Monopod:


So my take is that maybe, maybe we can stabilize the video with that. The thing is - often times the operator needs to move, because we're making some WEIGHTLIFTING MANUALs videos. Let me give you example:

We're using the RHODE VideoMic Pro as well.

Now other options as i see it are the:

Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM

Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM
I firmly believe the Sigma to be of superior quality, however i'm kinda worried about the VIDEOS and the IS thing.
Our budget is to about 1100$ for these lenses.
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Now the thing is - as i heard it stablizers like S-60 are a bad options since you cant really touch the camera during the filming (i heard this from a photographer... )

And i presume you mean this option to be combined with the Sigma, right?
I think the reference was "do not touch the SETTINGS" while filming.

Yes, with a video stabilizer, you should not need IS in the lens.

And learn to pan s..m..o..o..t..h..l..y. The videographer should learn very smooth movements, including a "glide walk" and no fast pans.
Well i usually film on AP mode so i do NOT touch the settings that way or another. Which brings us to the option.

You guys agree that the Sigma is the best lens for the purpose, right?
You guys agree that the Sigma is the best lens for the purpose, right?
We need to wait for someone with direct experience with that lens.
I have that lens, on a Nikon d7200. I don't know where the video button is, but if you have a rig to keep things smooth, the lens is excellent and quiet and quick to focus. Hope this somehow helps
It helps. I do believe that it is exellend but what does RIG mean?

We have the Manfrotto Monopod that has a fluid head and also is... on an "movable" base, so it allows for some smooth movement without actually lifting it up.

We might also get the SteadiCam-60.

But what does RIG mean??
Sorry, rig just means the stabilizing methods you use, tripod, monopod, video stabilised etc
Do you believe a monopod or STEADICAM would be sufficient for the lack of IS on THIS lenses? Also is the difference big??
YES!!! Supplemental lighting! The lighting is poor...the instructor has "raccoon eyes", meaning his eye sockets look like two black eyes. MORE LIGHT, and BETTER light would be really helpful, as would tripod-mounting the camera and keeping the camera steady, and making smooth pans. It's not so much the lens that needs improvement, it is the video lighting used to illuminate the instructor that needs work.

A couple bright quartz lights, shined through a large overhead diffusion panel made of PVC pipe and rip-stop nylon fabric would create a large, soft light source, which would eliminate the raccoon eyes.
Um... we have a very powerful lamp ligthing the Trainer.
IT has 4x600W of Energy Saver Lamp (equivalent to 600W) at 5500 temp. Using a regular reflector with NO coverage on top (maybe we should cover it?) and it is approximately 2-3 meters from the dude.
IT has 4x600W of Energy Saver Lamp (equivalent to 600W)
I think it is probably 4 x 150 = 600 total.

Diffusing the light might help a bit, but build something such as Derrel has described. Inexpensive, easy to build, and can be constructed in such a way as to be easily dismantled for storage between videos.

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