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    Hi everyone been awhile since I have posted here.Hope everyone has been doing good.
    Well since my last post last year LOL I got the canon 50D (love it) Got the tammy 17-50 f2.8 like it, and the canon-300. Well looking to get another lens stated looking at the 24-105L and the 28-128 (had this one for a while and sold it) But I did like it. And the 24-70L .
    I am kinda leaning to the 28-135 and with the extra money I save I can get the 100mm marco.
    But still kinda wanna buy the 24-105 but I have read tons and tons of reviews on the 3 lens alot of people don't really have to many probs with the 28-135 other than plastic and no weather sealed And not a L lens.
    But man the reviews on the 2 L lens theres all kind of people having bad copies of both them L lens. For that kind of cash I would think there should be no probs with the lenes. I have heard bad lens flare, after a year the diafram goes bad, having to send in to canon to adjust . I mean it goes on and on. To the point kind of scared to drop a grand on something that might not work right.

    I like tamron but I find alot of the time 50 just not enough reach.
    but I love the 2.8 any other lens out there that has the reach of around 15- 105 in the f2.8? With image close to the L's.

    Or just keep the ones I have and get the 10-22 don't have any real wides
    and I don't have a marco lens. Will the 28-135 work as a marco lens?

    sorry for the long post


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