Lens is not functioning or my camera settings?

C Duncan

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Oct 5, 2010
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I have been getting some great shots with my 7D and a 70-200 IS USM.
However, my last shoot was terrible. I did mess with the custom settings.
But reset them back to factory, today and the same mess. My photos are not sharp. Seems like its the lens. AF on 3m-00 IS on stabilizer mode 1.
I don't think my other lens is doing this.

Any suggestions?

Thank you
Welcome to the forum.

You are going to have to show us some examples.
Yeah i agree with Mike here let us in on what is going on. I might be wrong but just play around with your Manual mode and check it out. Maybe you just have to reset everything again, maybe you will have to create your Manual mode again.
Good luck!
Is it the f2.8 lens? What is your AF doing? Which points or zones are activated? Maybe you are just misfocusing?

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