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Feb 22, 2009
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I'm not exactly new to photography, but I am new to the expensive cameras and having interchangeable lenses. I am sure this question is simple and will probably make some of you giggle at me, but hey, I'd rather ask and be sure. Today, I got my Olympus EVOLT E-410, which came with 2 lenses. Each lens has 2 dials. I know the one is for adjusting the zoom, but what is the other one for? Is it a fine adjust for the focus?
if its got numbers on then its for aperture, if its just a ring then its for manual focus when light situations make it too difficult for the camera to lock on to the subject. H
Alright, thank you. It does not have numbers on it. I thought that's what it was.
Should be for manual focus. Those are not mechanical focusing lenses, but electronic, so there is no physical switch like on a, say, Nikon, to flip back and forth. So, if you're set up for AF-C (continuous) you have no manual focus. Set to something like AF-M will provide AF but with manual override: the camera will AF as normal, but the focus ring will be active so you can fine tune the focus.
Alright, I normally run AF-C, so I should be good to go. Thanks for all your help.

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