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Mar 2, 2009
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How much PP (post processing/photo editing) work are you doing to your shots?
Not vivid means the colors are not bright. There are a lot of things you need to do to have the best color possible. Make sure the white balance is set to auto since you do not know the light sources, Make sure if you are using the auto focus on the lens that you have the sharpest possible detail. Some times a lens will be when it thinks its got the right focus but that isnt always the case. Zoom in, focus and zoom out and make your exposure. Make sure you have the camera set to the right aperture and f stop. Make sure that you are properly lighting your subject as well.
Also, fstop and aperture are the same thing. You will be fine to post, just be sure to label as NFSW. Try stopping down to F8, get a good shutter speed, set proper WB, and set picture controls to vivid, and increase sharpening.
You have a VERY good camera and the problem is much more likely to be user error than equipment shortcomings. I don't mean to be harsh, but want to be honest. To get the best out of your camera there is a lot to learn. It may seem daunting, but take it slowly and methodically. It will eventually make sense.

Bryan Petersons book is a good start to learn about exposure. For the camera itself, I found the Complete Guide for the D300 by Thom Hogan an excellent source to put into practice what you've learned from the exposure book. The Guide explains the settings and how to get the most out of them as well as a slew of technical information that will benefit in its on time....... when you're ready for it.

Don't be afraid, shoot RAW and use a program like Lightroom 2 to enhance the file in post.

Try stopping down to F8, get a good shutter speed, set proper WB, and set picture controls to vivid, and increase sharpening.
Stopping the lens down to f/8 is likely only getting you to the sharpest f/stop but may have nothing to do with the DoF you want to achieve. Setting in-camera edit controls may be useful if you have to shoot and post without any additional processing. I would much rather set controls to neutral and judge for myself what the final product will be. Understanding the triangle of exposure is a preferred method IMO.

It sounds like you are shooting models (in a studio?) so prime lenses may be worth investigating. Something like the 35mm f/2, 50mm f/1.4 or the 85mm f/1.8 (better is the f/1.4, but geesh, the cost may be prohibitive). I think Sigma makes some good copies of these focal lengths, but I have no experience with them. I can say the Nikkor versions are very good.

Good luck and please feel okay to post your photos.
Yeah, but the F8 is accepted to be the sharpest stop, and the picture controls give him the look he might be searching for "out of box."
#1 is way out of focus and a little over exposed. It appears as if you shot this photo at a very slow shutter speed. This might be camera shake i'm seeing.

#2 would probably be better bouncing your flash off the ceiling. That shadow kills the photo
You have focus, slow shutter speed (model moving) or camera shake issues in #1. Vivid would not be an issue with this shot IMO because you have no vibrant or contrasting colors.

#2 looks like a snapshot to me with harsh lighting coming from the on-board flash.

Artistically, #1 is miles ahead.

You might also want to edit your first post (in big bold letters) that photos below are NSFW.
DOH!!!!!!!!! Yeah a NSFW would be nice. Luckily noone was around me.:lol:
And in case you don't know what it stands for...NSFW: Not Suitable For Work.

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