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Dec 3, 2007
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I'm getting a 35mm adapter for my video camera and I have an option to choose which lens mount I want. Here are the choices.

Canon FD
Canon EF (EOS)
Nikon AI
Pentax K
Minolta MD

Along with two film (movie) camera lens mounts PL and Oct19.

Which mount should I pick base on variety and price. I would like a nice variety to choose from but don't want to end up breaking the bank on them as I will be getting a few, possibly 3.

Also, where do people get their lenses from? Adorama, Ebay, BH?
Welcome to the forum.

I don't know much of anything about video cameras or using 35mm format lenses on them.

Would you be able to use auto focus with the adapter? Canon EF is an auto focus mount and Canon FD is a manual focus mount. Canon FD lenses don't work with current Canon cameras, so you can't buy them new...but the used market has some great deals on plenty of great FD glass.

As for where to buy...Adorama or B&H (links at top of page) are both very good.
Thanks for the welcome.

No it doesn't automatically focus for you. Are you able to manually use the AI lenses?
Are you able to manually use the AI lenses?
I don't know much about Nikon, but I would think that any Nikon lens for that mount can be manually focused.

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