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Jun 9, 2013
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I am have two lens for my D7000, a the standard kit lens, 18x105mm and a 55x200mm lens. After a lot of reading I'm seeing that I need a wide angle lens especially for shooting landscapes. My question is, what's a good wide angle lens that's affordable, especially on a state employees salary? Also what about a lens that's good for close up and or macro photography? I've bought before from B&H, but I'm sure there someone out there that knows of another dealer that might be a little cheaper and as trustworthy as B&H. Thanks for your time... "D"
18mm IS a wide angle lens. Do you mean a wide angle prime (non-zoom) lens?

Personally I prefer zoom lenses and don't even own any primes for my DSLR's. I have a Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8 HSM Macro that works very well for macro shots as well as wide-angle shots. Sigma has discontinued it and replaced it with a newer model that I don't know anything about.

B&H and Adorama are the two best in my opinion. Midwest Photo Exchange is also very good.
Second question first.

B&H is as trustworthy as they come and prices have always been outstanding, competitive with anyone on the web.
Except for one lens, I have bought every single piece of photo equipment I have from them - and I'm as picky as they come.

First question, There are lots of WA lenses available for crop frames in the 10 or 12 mm range and the reviews are readily available, ditto macro lenses.

But don't get infected with the Gear Acquisition Syndrome too early. Get new 'stuff' when you can't do what you want with your existing 'stuff'.
18mm is wide angle. If you want to go wider, there are few 3rd parties zoom lenses that covers wider range such as 10-20mm, 11-16mm or 12-24mm etc. I believe used price starting around $300+

As for macro, if you are not looking for 1:1 ratio type lens, those better quality screw-on may also work. such as the Canon 500D closeup lens or Raynox DCR-250.

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