Lens Replacement for 18-55 Kit Lens


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Dec 27, 2007
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I am new to DSLRs. Just bought Canon EOS 400d. The Focal lenght of this kit lens is doing fine for me, I mean my requirements. The 18-55mm. I want to know if theres any lens which sharper than this?

So I can replace this lens for general photography. I will be buying a Wide Angle 10-22 MM LEns for the same. But till than I have some areas to cover which fall under 18 mm. Also, I need an appropriate zoom like 55 mm so I can do my other things without any problem. So Is there any lens which I can buy to replace this kit lens which is sharper than this at least at 18 mm.
What's your budget? all you have to do is look @ B+H even if ou dont buy there they have a great seletion to peruse.

On he top of the scale as far as budget. And yes this will be alot sharper.....


A little cheaper but still sharper than the "kit" lens.....


Again it all depends on your budget there are soooo many lenses out there the only limit is your wallet.

my budget is around 450 dollars.
I replaced my kit lens with the Tamron 17-50 f/2.8. Better IQ than the kit lens and the constant 2.8 aperture is awesome. Search for some reviews on it. There are quite a few. I like mine a lot. They run around $350 USD.

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