Lensball shot, and a PS question/challenge


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Nov 12, 2018
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Evergreen, CO
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Lensball shot from a local river. For the PS experts (or those just better than me), can you rotate the ball image itself upright? The piece of rock covering the bottom left edge is preventing me from accomplishing anything acceptable using free transform.

Deckers Lens Ball by matt gates, on Flickr
That's quite a novel shot. I'm sure there's ways to do what you ask but my skills not up there so can't help in that aspect. Someone will be able to assist.
Pretty cool, been meaning to get one of those balls. Sry, can't answer your question.

They are fun to play around with. I keep mine in a side pouch on my camera backup so have it ready to go when something suits my eye.
My way in not the only way it’s how I know.
Use circle selection, select, rotate up down, now the bit of the rock that you picked up in the selection is at the top there I would use clone tool to remove bit of rock or free select just rock, cut, paste back in correct place then clone missing section in ball.... don’t know how it works but that’s my approach
PSE 9. Editing prog. So limited in options here

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