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Apr 14, 2009
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I'm just starting out filming (skateboarding). Well, I've filmed before, but I'm getting my own camera here soon, so I need to find one thats cheap (Below $600, but isn't a piece of S***.

It needs to be able to handle high action footage, with lots of motion w/o motion-blur. I also want it to have an internal hard drive and it would be nice if it had a mem. card slot as well.

So far the ones I'm liking are:

JVC HD Everio (GZ-HD300) (in black)


Panasonic HDC-TM20K
Panasonic HDC-TM20K Support and Service Information

Any other suggestions?

Also, what type of lenses would i need for each of those two I just listed above?

I'm not sure how to tell what kind of lense or size they need. I would be getting a fisheye lense, if that helps any.

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.
If you have any questions that would help you answer these questions, PLEASE feel free to ask :)


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Most people prefer you not post the same thread with different titles.

As for cameras go, a profesional one will give you the options you want, with VEY fast shutter speeds, many have different FPS rates (usually 24 FPSs, 30FPS and 32FPS)

As far as lenses go, any wideangle/fisheye lens would be excelent for skateboarding.
Sorry about the double post :blushing:
I accidently triple-clicked and i guess it posted two of the same ones.

Is there a way to delete one of them?

thanks for the info about cams, but aren't professional ones, sayyyyy, 4 grand or so? Im talking something a little cheaper than that, but do you think there are fisheye's that would work on the camera's I named in my last post?


not that I konw of, no you cant delete them.

You can get a pretty darn good porfesion or prosumer camera for under 2grand. And an even better one used thats closer to your price range.

Id recomend not getting a full sized one, since ethose can be rather difficult to position in odd places, one that uses mini DV tapes in good.

As far as interchangable lenses, a lot of profesional cameras dont have interchangable lenses. (I thought they did....apperently they are fixed....)
However, you can get wide angle adaptors, and telephoto adaptors.
Ok, cool. Because I'm trying to stay somwhere under $600 on this considering its my first camera.

I just need it to be HD and preferably have a built in hard drive.

Could you explain the wide angle adapters more? or lead me to a site about it? Is it just something you put on the camera so that it's able to attach a wide angle lense such as a fisheye?
Sorry for so many questions.

thanks a TON!

A wide angle adaptor is something that is mounted on the front of your lens and decreases the lenses focal length, usually its a fisheye, sometimes its just a wide adaptor.
The wide angle adaptor is a lens in itself.

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