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    I'm just starting out filming (skateboarding). Well, I've filmed before, but I'm getting my own camera here soon, so I need to find one thats cheap (Below $600, but isn't a piece of S***.

    It needs to be able to handle high action footage, with lots of motion w/o motion-blur. I also want it to have an internal hard drive and it would be nice if it had a mem. card slot as well.

    So far the ones I'm liking are:

    JVC HD Everio (GZ-HD300) (in black)
    HD Hybrid Camera - GZ-HD300B - Features


    Panasonic HDC-TM20K
    Panasonic HDC-TM20K Support and Service Information

    Any other suggestions?

    Also, what type of lenses would i need for each of those two I just listed above?

    I'm not sure how to tell what kind of lense or size they need. I would be getting a fisheye lense, if that helps any.

    Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.
    If you have any questions that would help you answer these questions, PLEASE feel free to ask :)




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