Let it Snow.


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Sep 18, 2007
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Yay! I got a new camera and im in love:heart: with it :)

Picture One.

Picture Two.

Picture Three.

Picture Four.

Please Comment && Critique them.
These were taken the day I got the camera (Christmas Day, Time stamps are wrong :x).
So yea, im still learning with it :)
Its a Sony CyberShot DSC-F707.
Its a really nice camera, even though I got it in a pawn shop :)
so much snow .. send some over! :)

All images have the white balance totally off (I guess you don't have blue snow over there).

Oh, and date stamps in images are a feature of the 80s, but even then people hated them already.

Read in the manual how you can set the white balance :)

This was all not meant offensive, but I assume you want to learn. Enjoy your camera and post anything you want commented :)
Very cool shots...no pun intended. :) Congrats on the new camera. Gotta agree with Alex. If you check your WB, it should correct the blue snow. Great eye to catch these tho. :)Really like how you composed the third shot. :thumbup: Lookin forward to more of your images.

...oh...Alex...we have blue snow near my place. Im a few kilometers away from a nuclear power plant. :lol::lol:
...oh...Alex...we have blue snow near my place. Im a few kilometers away from a nuclear power plant. :lol::lol:

over here, it is always yellow ... too many dogs you know!

Yup, Ive alredy corrected the time stamps, sadly I dont know how to reamove them from these images though, oh well xD

And im already aware of the White Balance, I know how to change it and fix it, I just never thought about it when I was outside takeing pictures xD

Thanks for helping though :) Yes I am looking to learn :)

And here its white snow, thankfully xD
lol, thanks :)
I personally dont like snow, its to bright x.x I go out side and im blinded because of it xD

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