Let's Have some Fun....Who had this Camera?


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Nov 5, 2010
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Who gave it to you... what was the ocassion...and... do you still have any of those photos anymore...??? :smileys:

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lol, I think I even still have it. Maybe mid-late 60's and I have no idea, probably my grand father gave it to me for Christmas? No, kidding, I do have a SX-70....anyone want it?
I HATE the music!
I can't hear it!

lol, I have fond memories of that camera...ahh, it's all coming back to me now...young lasses just lining up to pose for me :D
I have one still, My Dad gave it too me cuz he knew I loved photography, we bought it at the drug store. I have photos from it still in an album. It was cool...still is
My dad had one. Then he upgraded to an SX-70.
That pink slick stick that coated the photos had a nice smell...you know the one in that black tube with the cap....
mmmm I can still smell it :)
LOL, We had one back when things like that were a "family item" Wow, the memories.

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