Leucistic Red Tailed Hawk

Discussion in 'Nature & Wildlife' started by manaheim, May 31, 2008.

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    I don't know if I posted the other pic I took of this guy (it was awful). This one is BETTER, but still could use some help. I'd love some suggestions.


    Btw, just as a point of interest... these birds are very rare. So rare that this VERY bird actually has a whole page about him on the national audobon society web page.

    He actually makes his proving grounds right around our office park. I guess the people of the company I work with have been trying to get a shot of him for about 10 years and I'm the first to pull it off... not bad just with that, but still needs some work.

    He's an interesting character. He sees you almost immediately. I swear I was probably about 500' from the bird when I left my office door and his head turned instantly and he watched me... well, he watched me like a hawk. :) When I got about 300' away from him, he decided I was a threat and took off (which is when I snapped this shot above). Very funny behavior since I clearly couldn't possibly do jack to the silly thing.

    Anyway, neat bird, but what do you think about the shot? I'm not an experienced bird watcher/photographer... how can I make my pics of these guys better?


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    thats a pretty cool bird. And for getting closer, i think it helps if you dont walk towards it in a straight line (just zigzag a bit)and do not make eye contact with it. Just try to get as close as possible and find a good place to hide.

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