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light kit help!!


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Mar 11, 2012
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i am a graphic designer and due to the lack of pictures i find for my projects im forced to take my own. ive recently purchased a t3i. i would use the light kit for shoots in front of drops and some occasional outside shots. what do you guys suggest i look for when looking for a good lighting kit? im a beginner so not looking to spend a whole lot. thanks for your help.
what would be a good amount to spend on a kit? idk whats a good deal or just cheap..
How much can you afford? Lighting can go from $150/head to $2500/head. Look for unit's with replaceable flash tubes, good range of modifiers, fully adjustable modeling lights and fan cooling.
i see alien bee b800s get goo reviews but they are a little pricie, maybe something something a cheaper?
Alien Bee's, made by Paul C. Bluff inc. are not expensive lights. Paul C. Bluff makes more expensive lights9 (3 other brands). Hummm. Looks like Alien Bee's don't offer kits anymore?

I have recommended this kit many times, partly because it uses Elinchrom speedrings. It often goes on sale - Calumet Genesis 200 2-Light Kit

and you might want to consider this Adorama house brand kit - Flashpoint 320M Portrait Wedding Monolight Kit, with Two 320 Monolights,9.5' Stands,Umbrellas, Snoot and Carrying Case
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+1 on what Keith said.. those lights are very nice for the money!
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Take a look at the Calumet Genesis Monolights. I use the 200ws (2) and 400ws (2) lights. I have been very happy with them.

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