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Jun 29, 2013
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North Dakota
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Taken tonight around 5:30pm. Input welcome as always :)

I do think the subject matter is interesting here...I had to look at this image for a few seconds before I understood what it is that I think I'm looking at (old cemetery?). That said, I do think this image would benefit from a re-process, if not a re-shoot. Obviously shooting into the sun like this can be a little tricky, but to me the image seems a bit under exposed (at the very least, I'd open up the blacks and add some fill light in RAW) and it seems too contrasty with too much saturation for my own tastes. Personally I love a heavily saturated image, however this just seems a bit much. While I could be very wrong, I also get the impression that cross (and a few other items in the background) might have been stone, however on my monitor it's showing up REALLY blue...personally I'd use the Saturation tools in Photoshop (or even the curves tool) and take the blues down considerably. The BIG thing that draws my attention however is the the risk of being horribly blunt, it looks like a big blob up there in the corner that detracts from the composition as a whole. If it were me I think I'd have stopped down the lens to get a natural star burst (or used a star burst filter for the same effect).

Just my own opinions...please use them as such.

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