Light through the smoke

DM Larson

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Aug 9, 2015
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I was up in Montana last weekend and saw this scene developing while I was driving south of Livingston. I pulled over on a very narrow shoulder and snapped this shot. Then I hopped out and ran down to the fence in the foreground, but by the time I got there the shaft of light was mostly gone. This is why I usually try to have a camera with me in the armrest compartment between the driver and passenger in my car wherever I go.

South of Livingston, Montana by Daniel Larson, on Flickr
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Yeah, it's good to "always be prepared." Shots of unusual weather conditions are very often ephemeral. Many of the best ones end up only as memories.
are those pixels in highlights damaged or it's just me?

nice photo
Very nice!
nicely done.
I can't help but think that you might consider two changes:
Crop to 3:2 to emphasize the spread of the mountains (clipping the sky)
And slightly brightening and warming the the ground so that the light falling on ground is more emphasized.

I tried it and it looked good to me.

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