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Jan 6, 2008
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What kind of lights do you guys most commonly use for portraiture/product/whatever else??? If possible, post a photo of your gear!!!
I myself am always adding, subtracting lights from my arsenal. I keep 1500 watts into umbrellas set up in the studio at all times. I know that sounds a bit excessive, but I like to have options. I also use soft boxes a great deal.
How about yourself??
My lights are from HERE
I have a couple of B800s, one with a big softbox and one with just an umbrella for now. I also have a B400 with a bunch of accesories for background lighting etc.

I don't have a studio so I keep it all packed up for travel. I usually set up in people's living rooms etc.

I'd like to add another light or two...posiibly a boom stand and another softbox or two.
How do you like your B400? I've been eyeing up for some time now but have yet to ask anyone about it.
It's fine for what I use it for. I've only ever used it as a background light or a kicker. I've never needed to use it as a main light because I have a couple B800.

That being said, I usually shoot in tight spaces (living rooms etc) and I usually have the B800's at a low power I probably could use the B40.

When comparing the B400 to the B800...I think the price difference is only $50. The way I see it, it's always better to have more power because you can always turn the power down...but you can't get more than maximum.

Following that logic, it would make sense to get an even more powerful light...but at some point, prices do tend to get pretty high.
i use 1 britek pro500 strobe (500 w/s) and a homemade reflector. i like lighting to be simple i guess.

i am going to add an off cam speedlite for rim lighting.

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