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    I'm going to start taking pictures at school dances, and need to know what type of lighting equipment and backgrounds I need. I'll be working with a Rebel XTi and the kit lens. The school that I'll be taking pictures in will also have fluorescent lighting, if that makes any difference. I plan to buy a digital radio slave to go with it.

    Also, what type of backgrounds should I get? I don't think I'll need anything special, because they just want a basic picture. If their is a theme, the school will design everything for me. I was just going to get a standard grey muslin.

    Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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    Will you be shooting people on the dance floor? If yes then you'll need to get a flash and overpower the fluorescents. If you don't use flash then pay atttention to white balance, you might even need a custom wb setting for the particular fluorescents in your school.

    If you are also shooting individuals or couples away from the main hall and as portraits then have a look at the room beforehand and plan your lighting. Could be a flash and a reflector is all you'll need. See the strobist site for some inspiration.

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