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    Hi, I know this has been asked before, I'm sure, however, I have a rather unusual circumstance. I live in Korea as an ESL teacher, so I only have access to a few products.

    I have a friend that is requesting I do a nude shoot for her, knowing that I've don these before. She is Korean herself and in a perfect world, I would guerrilla shoot at a temple or somewhere else that would show both Asian architecture and her, but with Korean indecency laws being what they are, we could all get in a lot of trouble. We have no access to a studio, so that generally means the wilderness, which is where I did a previous nude shoot that didn't turn out very well, mainly due to a lack of fill lighting.

    So, the question is, hat would you recommend for an outdoor lighting kit for artistic nudes under a forest canopy, both day and night, depending on situation. I generally have access to Cannon products, Nikon is less widespread, but a few pop up hear and there. White Lightening is nowhere to be found.

    Any recommendations? Someone somewhere must have done this before, although admittedly, perhaps not in Korea.

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    flash and reflector(s). bounce the flash at reflectors, it'll give you soft light plus the little fill here/there. shoot at higher ISO, drag the shutter. since these are portraits, if she's good at not moving 1/30 or 1/20 of sec should be ok. depending on which glass you have, you'll know your limitations how far you can open, keep mind that sharpest apertures are around 2-3stops down from widest open.
    have a blast :)

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