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May 6, 2007
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Last summer, I did a portrait outside under some tree's. The light from the tree's filtered down. I did my best to avoid having those light spots hit hte subject, especially on the face, but there wasnt much I could do with that. The resulting picture did get some hot spots that was outside of the raw's file to fix.

So im asking how do you help prevent this.

One idea is to get a large object to block that light, but to get something large enough could be difficult, and really hard to use when its just myself.

Another idea is to incrase the flash power, but this could result in a dark background since a flash light looses strength every time the distance is doubled, plus could result in some shadows from the people.

I was just wondering if there was a secret photographer trick or device to get around this. Or wait for a cloudy patch or try a different location if its completly cloudless?
#1. find better light/or a spot in that light that won't put highlights on your subject. If that is your only choice, then move them around until the highlights are the least distracting.

#2. Proper exposure & lighting. You mentioned using flash, but you can also use reflectors to add light, to even out the light hitting your subject.

#3. Use a diffusion material. Those 5-in-1 reflectors have a diffusion screen. With one of these, you could even move your subject out into direct sun...and use the screen to soften the light hitting them. This may require a stand or an assistant...but this is some of the best outdoor lighting you can get.
Fill flash is for shadows and hilights too, overexposure would black out the background but fill balanced with the ambient/hotspots would correct the shot as what your getting is a correct exposure for shadow areas on a really bright day.

Assistants, yes if I'm shooting for playboy or vogue, no if I'm doing another poxy wedding. H
An assistant can just be the person you're photographing's friend.
Fill flash is always good if you are under a tree in an area with diffused light. A nice strong 1000 W/s or stronger strobe to overpower the sun plus a small (numerically high) aperture if you want good results in bright sunlight without being in an area with diffused light.

DIY diffusion panels are great for this and relatively inexpensive. The most expensive part of that is the ripstop material. Basically, you can make them in any size you want.

The lazy/easiest way is to find an area with diffused light or wait till later in the day when the conditions are more favorable.
So then you have to direct yet another person, I prefer to get on with the job and bang it out rather than waste time involving others. H

I love my voice operated light stands and reflector stands! :lol:
So then you have to direct yet another person, I prefer to get on with the job and bang it out rather than waste time involving others. H

By the time your only goal is to "bang out" the job maybe you are in the wrong field.
Maybe you are, I get on with a job, I'm efficient and know how/what to use and do, by the time you fanny around the client is bored senseless, do the job, entertain and get out of there. H

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