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Lightroom (or camera?) problem - importing multiples of the same photo


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Sep 22, 2015
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Northern New Mexico
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I'm having an issue with Lightroom. It is highly likely it's user error but I can't figure it out.

I'll take pictures with my D750 and import them into Lightroom as I always have. However, some images get imported twice into Lightroom.

For example, if I take 10 pictures of something and import them into Lightroom, 13 pictures might show up on my computer. 3 of them are duplicates, e.g., DSC_1234 and DSC_1234-2, same picture but 2 copies of them. It doesn't do it for every photo, about 1 out of every 5 and it seems to be random.

Any ideas what causes this? Maybe a Lightroom preference? Or a camera setting? It's starting to fill my hard drive with crap.

EDIT: I should note I have 2 memory cards and 1 serves as 'backup' for the other, so they both have the same pics. Could that be the issue?
Do you by any chance delete as you go, off the camera,maybe from one card, or do jpeg and raw and delete one type Depending on camera number settings you could get differences in number for same backed image,
I do that sometimes but I don't think it's the problem. I just did a test where I took 5 picture of the wall, imported it into Lightroom and got 7 pictures (2 duplicates).

Is there a way to tell Lightroom to only import photos from 1 of the 2 memory cards? That might fix the issue since I just use the 2nd memory card as a backup in case the first fails.
Not sure, but there is a box to tick so you don't import suspected duplicates
Well, I figured out what the issue is and have a somewhat unsatisfactory solution.

Lightroom's "don't import suspected duplicates" just isn't working well. My solution is to remove my backup memory card from my camera before transferring to the computer; then it only reads off the primary memory card. I couldn't find a way to select a specific memory card in LR import.

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