Lightroom Tutorial?

Of course you can probably YouTube anything you need to know soecifically but I suggest buying a Kelby training app that you can get through the app store. I believe it's called Adobe Lightroom 3 Crash Course. I think I paid 9.99 for it. It has about an hour and a half of video tutorials covering the basics and it helped me a bunch.
I find general tutorials can be hard. Usually what I do to learn a new software is pick one of my favorite photos to edit. I sit down and pick out every single thing I want to change and watch a tute for each thing. Example: on a picture of my baby. 'soften skin', 'brighten eyes', 'brighten lighting', etc. They usually show everything step by step so you can follow right along on your photo. Good luck!
A National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) membership is only $99 and is good for 12 months. Click on 'Benefits' near the top of the page.

Not only do they have tons of tutorials, they have a member only forum frequented by Ps Lightroom and Ps CS experts, and a help desk you can call.

You also get 10 issues of Photoshop User magazine that always has a large Lightroom section every issue.

NAPP members get a lot of other perks, like discounts on software (15% off Adobe software), hardware, car rentals, lens rentals, lodging, B&H and Adorama shipping, and much more.

It's pretty easy to save the $99 in a years time just from all the discounts that are available.

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