"Lights, Shadows...Early Morning..."


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Aug 2, 2015
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ISO 100
1/500 Sec.
GF45mm F2.8 R WR
35 mm Equivalent

(Processed In LR & PS)


Thanks For Looking Any Comments/Criticism Will Be Appreciated.


I can’t think of anything to improve ur image
@Original katomi Thank you very much...one of the nicest compliments, I have ever received.
This is a really powerful in your face composition, that grabs the eye and holds it. The processing and color are perfect for the scene. Overall the shot was well done.

There's a few niggles that I would address. First I believe your level is slightly off. If you check your verticals and horizontal lines I think you'll find it leaning slightly left. Second it appears you were slightly right of the centerline of the dock when you took the shot causing a slight perspective distortion. That's an easy fix in LR with the horizontal slider. Finally, based on shadow direction and light on the posts, the light source is coming from camera right and behind, yet you've added a sun flare in the background, creating an incongruity in an otherwise good shot.
Nice shot. I agree with smoke665 about the sun flare and to me it comes across more as looking like a small sun than a sun flare. Other than that I have no quibbles about anything. Good job.
It's a nice shot but the positioning of the sun does appear odd in relation to the angle of the shadows.

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