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    7 - Your quality supplier of digital SLR camera accessories,lens accessories, tripods and ball heads, macro photography tools for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Fuji film and studio lighting equipments& accessories at great competitive price.

    In the year of 2005, at China, the city of world’s biggest electronic products manufacture and trade center, LinkDelight was founded by some photographers. For the purpose to deliver delight of photography to everyone, LinkDelight always bend itself to provide the best and newest photography equipments.

    Link De light is a fast growing and dynamic business in photography industry. In the past several years after founded, over 50,000 people, without race, creed, color, or location, were linked together to enjoy and share delights Link De light delivered.

    Linkdelgiht .com was opened in year of 2008, is a specific photography accessories online store, it belongs to LinkDelight Limited online retailer group. is established based on a vision of continues to offer more photographic things including the photographic products shopping. The LinkDelight founder are striving to let it became a part of your delightful photographic life.


    To offer high quality products is our permanent principle. LinkDelight do pick supplier even before selling small as a lens cap, a pick of real balance between price and quality, and a pick of responsibility like we buy for ourselves. To buy from LinkDelight, we try to let you know that, every single penny worth.

    LinkDelight believes nice price comes from two ways: Large numbers of purchase and Cutting off redundant distribution channels. It is why LinkDelight insist on ordering direct from factory and send to customers without mid-dealer. Deal with factory wasn't eaabout_us_text, you must be a registered company, large quantity demand and run warehouse to handle all of stock matters, but LinkDelight like to venture on those for giving customer the best price.


    Internet purchase may full of traps that people finally found the product they received wasn't looks good as they saw from webpage, LinkDelight endeavor to remove this ambiguity by using original photo and describe clear as possible. LinkDelight has professional photographers to take real and high definition pictures for every product, and make it in flash or large size image to show our customers with more details of our products.


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