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May 1, 2005
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Cheshire, England
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1/ Experimenting with soft star filters.

2/ Lister Junior.

3/ All the gear (s).

4/ Please reply, no pressure!

Opinions & views welcome. Thanks for looking.
with #1 you did a good with stars, #2 needed a polarize to remove the glair, also a B&W convention might work well with these
Your "play" with the star filter works well in Photo 1 and I like the reflection (including glare) in Photo 2 very much: I spent quite some time studying the surroundings and trying to make out what the place looked like where there was this exhibition of old farm machinery (which I think it was?).
Thanks all!

I experimented with a 4 and 6 point star filter but the 8 point seemed to soften the image at the same time.

I did use a polarizer for quite a few shots during the day mostly on the vehicles, but prefered the reflections and highlights in some of the painted machinery.

Lafoto, these were taken at a Vintage Fair where there were many old vehicles, tractors and static engines on display. Well worth the £4 entry fee for all the photo opportunities. :thumbup:
I have to say I like the stars on the first one, but the overall effect makes me feel like my eyes are cloudy. Sometimes my eyes just make everything look cloudy/foggy, and looking at this photo I thought I was having a cloudy-eye day (I spent a good minute or two blinking trying to get rid of the cloudiness...)

Nice series.
Thanks Andrea! Sorry #1 made you feel misty eyed! :lol:

In fact my wife just complained that she could see the big star from the lounge where she's watching TV and it made her feel like there were pins in here eyes! :confused:

(I might make it my Windows wallpaper! :lol: )

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